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[Event]Valentine's Day
Hope everyone is doing well around this time of the year. The team was extremely busy in handling certain reality issues as a result of which we couldn't make some updates in time as well as late replies to certain queries.
But  we are managing to fix certain significant issues by this week. Thank you for playing Pokemon Neo Thunder so far.

Fisherman forgot it’s almost Valentine’s Day and just broke his rod part one he needs help getting his wife a birthday gift.
The event takes place in the extreme right Lake Azel of Route 3.
Event lasts for a week.

This quest is a part of the 7 week story quest. This quest will become a permanent one after the event ends but the prizes will be limited to only TP and Teslas (no items or pokemons)

[Image: valentine_day.png]
Pokemon Neo Thunder
[Image: 5svV4bG.png]

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